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The Jon Gaunt show returns to the United States to ‘celebrate’ 100 days of President Trump

We were in Florida during the election campaign, we were in Washington, by invitation, for the Inauguration and in May 2017, after 100 days of what is proving to be the most controversial, disruptive and some would say fresh US administrations in living memory, the Jon Gaunt show will be back in the USA, coming to you live from Washington DC.

With your help, the Jon Gaunt Show aims to return to the seat of power in the last week of April and broadcast a series of shows, from various locations, talking to the main players in politics, business, and academia and more importantly asking ordinary Americans their views on how The Donald is doing.

One thing is for sure, there is an awful lot of misinformation and skewed news agendas coming from the Controlled MSM on both sides of the pond. We will be on the ground to help you cut through the swathes of fake news and bring you events as we see them, unregulated, uncensored and independent of the self-interested global news networks.

To make this happen we need your help again Please donate using the button below.

You will receive a regular mention on the Third Rocky Roll of Honour. But more importantly, you will have played an integral part in rejecting the mushroom tactics of the global media establishment and enabling the voices and views of ordinary people on both sides of the Atlantic to be heard.

The Third Rocky Roll of Honour

Here’s a list of our generous listeners who have kindly donated towards our upcoming trip. If you want to get your name on this list and get an honourable mention during the show click and donate below. From £10 to £10,000 every little helps!

Thank you so much for your continuing support and donations. Jon

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