About Talk2Me Radio

Talk2Me Radio is the radio revolution.

It is radio without transmitters, regulation and a rigid schedule.

Created by award winning broadcaster Jon Gaunt and leading Human Rights Lawyer, Martin Howe, Talk2Me Radio is an independent platform dedicated to principle of Free Speech.

Accessed online and via the free app, Talk2Me Radio broadcasts free from the shackles of Ofcom regulation. Presenters and contributors alike are bound only by the law of the land. Talk2Me Radio does not set out to offend but remains true to the guiding principle of free speech that nobody has the right not to be offended.

As the station develops it will host a multitude of voices from across the political spectrum. There will be no need for presenters to play devil’s advocate or to manufacture a ‘balanced’ debate but rather let their own views and those of their listeners’ shape the discussion be it via phone, e-mail, text, Twitter or Facebook.

The conversation is alive whether the show is live or not, as it can be enjoyed as a free podcast, available to listen to whenever, wherever and on whatever device the listener wants.

This is why we call it the Radio Revolution.

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